Bachelor Apartments

10 April 2019
A man reading the newspaper at a Bachelor Apartment
Photograph taken by Bud Glick, Museum of Chinese in America (MOCA) Collection
Bud Glick拍摄,美国华人博物馆(MOCA)馆藏

The Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 barred the immigration of “skilled and unskilled” Chinese laborers, but loopholes in the law enabled merchants, students, and diplomats to enter the U.S. Those men who managed to pass immigration restrictions, or who had already been living in America when the Act was passed, were unable to bring their wives and children to the States unless they were merchants or native- born citizens. Moreover, miscegenation laws prohibited racially Chinese Americans from marrying women of other races in California and other laws stripped female citizens of their citizenship if they married any foreign born man in order to further discouraged interracial marriages on both fronts. Thus, during the period of Exclusion, Chinese communities in the U.S. became predominantly male “bachelor societies,” where the ratio of men to women rose as high as 27:1. Male laborers shared “bachelor apartments,” a practice which continued long after Exclusion ended in 1943. In this photograph taken by Robert Glick in 1982, an elderly man reads the newspaper at his bachelor apartment on Bayard Street in Manhattan’s Chinatown.

1882年的排华法案禁止“熟练和非熟练”的中国劳工移民入境,只允许商人、学生和外交官合法进入美国。当排华法案通过时,那些设法突破了移民限制或者已经在美国居住的人们,却不能带他们的妻子和孩子来到美国了,除非他们是商人或是在美国出生的公民。此外,在加州的种族通婚法禁止了华裔男子与任何其他种族的女性结婚,同样为了进一步限制华裔跨种族婚姻,其他法案剥夺了女性公民与任何外国出生的男性结婚的公民权。因此在排华法案期间,美国华人社区沦为了以男性为主的“单身汉社会”,男女比例高达27:1。华人男性劳工共住“单身汉公寓”,这一项做法在法案废止的1943年后仍延续了很长一段时间。这张照片是1982年由罗伯特·格里克(Robert Glick)拍摄的,一位老人在他位于曼哈顿唐人街摆也街(Bayard Street)的单身汉公寓里看报纸。

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