Yellow Pearl

25 April 2019
Yellow Pearl
Museum of Chinese in America (MOCA) Basement Workshop Collection

In 1972, Basement Workshop published the arts book Yellow Pearl. Initially a project undertaken to illustrate and publish the music of Chris Iijima, Nobuko “Joanne” Miyamoto, and Charlie Chin (who would go on to record Grain of Sand in 1973, widely considered the first album of Asian American music), the project grew into a larger portfolio of writing, art, and music by over thirty creators. Titled after one the group’s songs, Yellow Pearl connotes the value of Asian and Asian American culture and cleverly plays off the term “yellow peril,” the racist slogan used in the 19th and 20th centuries to provoke fear and exclusion of Asians from the U.S. Its creators introduce the portfolio in the following statement: “YELLOW PEARL is a collection of the creative talents of young Asian Americans. It is also an expression of an emerging consciousness of being Asian in America. We need to write about the War, Attica and our people’s history. We need to express our loves, our loneliness and our dreams, through YELLOW PEARL we share what we feel, what we think, and what we are with our brothers and sisters.”

1972年,地下室工作坊(Basement Workshop)出版了艺术作品集《黄珍珠》。最初只是一个项目,旨在图解和发布克里斯·饭岛(Chris Iijima),宫本信子(Nobuko “Joanne”Miyamoto)和陈健文(Charlie Chin)的音乐,他们在1973年创作的唱片《一粒沙》(Grain of Sand),这张唱片被广泛认为是亚裔美国人的第一张音乐专辑。后来,这个项目发展成为了一个由超过三十位创作者共同演绎的集写作、艺术和音乐于一体的更大的作品集。这个作品集选择了“黄珍珠”(Yellow Pearl)作为名字——这原本是他们创作的一首歌曲名,这个名字意味着亚裔和亚裔美国人文化的价值,巧妙地化用了“黄祸”(yellowperil)一词。“黄祸”是一个种族主义口号,在19世纪和20世纪被用来挑起美国人对亚裔的恐惧和排斥。该作品集的创作者是这样介绍它的:“黄珍珠是年轻亚裔美国人的创作才华的集合,也是在美国作为一名亚裔的新兴意识的表达。我们需要记录抗争、阿提卡监狱事件和我们自己人的历史。我们需要表达我们的爱、我们的孤独和梦想。通过《黄珍珠》,我们和我们的兄弟姐妹一起分享我们的感受,我们的想法和我们对自己的认知。”

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