P.S. 23 Reunion Program

13 June 2019
Left:Lung “Pop” Chin, master storyteller and Chinatown elder, was beloved by the generations of community youth with whom
he worked, especially for organizing sports teams and events. Mr. Chin, shown here having just addressed the room, was key to
organizing the 1988 reunion; Right:Two women standing by a table and looking carefully at a group photo on the table.
Museum of Chinese in America (MOCA) Institutional Archives
左图:Lung “Pop” Chin,故事大师和唐人街长老,深受年轻人爱戴,特别是他组织的体育队和运动项目。照片中正在讲话的他是MOCA组织1988年第23公立小学聚会的关键人物;右图:二位女士在聚会中仔细观看桌上的当年班级集体照。美国华人博物馆(MOCA)机构档案

In 1988, MOCA staff invited students of the former P.S. 23, then home of the New York Chinatown History Project, to reunite at their old schoolhouse. Staff curator Dorothy Rony and staff historian Charlie Chin created an interactive exhibit, What Did You Learn in School Today? P.S. 23 1893-1976, inviting attendees to share stories and help identify pictures of their classmates. While only thirty former students initially RSVP’d, hundreds of middle aged and elderly alumni flocked to the reunion. The racial divide between generations of students – the eldest were Italian, the youngest all Chinese, and those in the middle a mix – reflected the flow of immigrant communities in the city influenced by the repeal of Chinese Exclusion laws and the migration of Italians out of the neighborhood. Their stories of conflict, such as fights between Italian and Chinese teen gangs over Columbus Park, or Chinese and Jewish people being beaten up in “Italian territory” along Mulberry and Canal Streets, shifted with the timing of the Civil Rights Movement. In 2003, MOCA held a second P.S. 23 Reunion, continuing its role as an organization actively engaged in its community and committed to gathering its memories.

1988年,MOCA员工邀请了曾经的第23公立小学的校友在他们的老校舍重聚,也就是纽约唐人街历史项目的所在地。策展人Dorothy Rony和MOCA历史学家Charlie Chin策划了一个互动展览,“你今天在学校学了什么?1893至1976年的第23公立小学”,邀请参加聚会的校友分享他们的故事,并帮助辨认他们同学的照片。虽然最初只有30名校友回复,但最终有数百名中老年校友蜂拥而至聚会现场。种族在几代学生之间区分开来——年龄最大的是意大利人,年龄最小的全是中国人,年龄居中的则是两个族裔都有——这反映出了排华法案废除和意大利移民迁出对纽约社区移民结构的影响。他们关于冲突的故事,例如意大利和中国青少年帮派在哥伦布公园的斗殴事件,或者中国人和犹太人在“意大利领土”——茂比利街和坚尼路沿线被殴打,都随着民权运动的展开而发生了变化。2003年,MOCA举办了第二次第23公立小学同学会,继续履行其积组织社区活动并收集社区记忆的职责。

Countdown to the TCS NYC Marathon on November 3, 2019: 216 Days.

2019年是美国第一条横贯大陆铁路建成150周年,为了纪念第一批华人来美建设这条铁路所做出的巨大贡献, MOCA将其2019 TCS NYC Marathon的活动命名为 MOCA Spike 150 – Running Forward With Our Stories! 鼓励大家通过马拉松公益跑,全国线上接力,以及一天一个故事的方式讲述150个华人的历史故事,敬请大家持续关注, 讲出华人自己的故事,回顾过去,立足现在,展望未来,共同书写美国历史,使之更加充实完整。

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