World's Fair in Flushing Meadows Corona Park

01 August 2019
Yee Family at the world’s fair, August 1965, Courtesy of Jennifer Lee, Museum of Chinese in America (MOCA) Collection
Yee家在世界博览会,1965年8月,Jennifer Lee捐赠,美国华人博物馆(MOCA)馆藏

The 1964-1965 World's Fair was held at Flushing Meadows Park in Queens, New York. It opened on April 21st, 1964 and ran until October of 1965. The fair occupied 646 acres and included over 140 pavilions and 110 restaurant and representing 80 nations, 24 US States, and more than 45 corporations. The motto of this particular World’s Fair was “peace through understanding” and showcased mid-20th century American culture and technology.

Notably this fair saw the first incarnation of the beloved Disney ride “it’s a small world.” Pepsi commissioned Disney to create the ride in support of UNICEF. After the fair, the ride was dismantled and shipped to Disneyland, where it was upgraded and reassembled. While most of the structures from the fair have since been removed the Unisphere and New York Pavilion still remain and serve as recognizable QueensLandmarks.

1964年至1965年,世界博览会在纽约皇后区的法拉盛草原可乐娜公园举行。它于1964年4月21日开办,一直持续到1965年10月。该博览会占地646英亩,包括140多个展馆和110家餐厅,代表了80个国家,24个美国州和超过45家公司。这个世博会的理念是“通过理解实现和平”(peace through understanding),展示了20世纪中期的美国文化和技术。

值得注意的是,这次博览会让人们首次看到了深受喜爱的迪士尼游乐设施“小小世界”(it’s a small world)。为了支持联合国儿童基金会,百事可乐公司委托迪士尼公司制作了这个设施。博览会结束后,游乐设施被拆除,并被运到迪士尼乐园,在那里进行了升级和重新组装。尽管博览会的大部分建筑都被移除了,但是不锈钢大地球仪(Unisphere)和纽约馆(New York Pavilion)被保留了下来,成为了皇后区的标志性建筑。

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