Mee Heung Chow Main Co. Inc.

13 September 2019
Left:A team from MOCA salvaging the Mee Heung Chow Main Co., 1992, Museum of Chinese in America (MOCA) Insitutional
Archives; Right:Sign of the Mee Heung Chow Main Co., Museum of Chinese in America (MOCA) Collection

The Mee Heung Chow Main Company on 75 Mott Street was incorporated in 1928. The company signified not only a shop but a vibrant way of life in New York City’s Chinatown. The noodle manufacturing shop had a multi-architectural-style interior, including classical Acanthus leaf motifs and Ming and Han dynasty wood-carvings.In her book “Chinatown: A Portrait of a Closed Society,” Gwen Kinkead writes about observing four elders playing mahjongin the shop while wedging their pieces between boxes of noodles. In 1992 after the shop closed MOCA salvaged the front sign as well as noodle bags, stationery, and more. Such artifacts preserve an architecture and a way of life more and more under threat by development in Chinatown.

位于勿街75号的美香面行(Mee Heung Chow Main Company)于1928年注册成立。这家公司不仅标志着一家商店,还标志着纽约唐人街生机勃勃的生活方式。这家制面行内部融合了多种建筑风格,包括经典的阿坎瑟斯叶形(Acanthus leaf)图案和明代和汉代的木雕。Gwen Kinkead在她的《唐人街:一个封闭社会的写照》(Chinatown: A Portrait of a Closed Society)一书中写道,她观察到四位老人在店里打麻将,同时把自己的麻将牌夹在面条盒子之间。1992年,商店关门后,MOCA抢救了商店门前的招牌,还有面条袋、办公用品等等。这些文物保存了唐人街的建筑结构和生活方式,而随着唐人街的发展,这些建筑结构和生活方式越来越受到往日不再的威胁。

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