Latex Dog Toy

09 October 2019
Latex Dog Toy, Museum of Chinese in America (MOCA) Collection

While racist stereotypes have harmed Chinese in America by fueling racial violence and policy, especially during the era of Chinese Exclusion, they have benefited companies in the form of profitable merchandise. This American-produced latex dog toy for a “very important pet” depicts a slant-eyed Asian character in a vague karate uniform and pose. Such a toy reduces Chinese personhood to a monolithic Asian stereotype and literally objectifies and demotes Asians below even the rank of animal. While the production date of this toy is unknown, racist stereotypes of Asians and other races continue to be turned into merchandise, such as the notorious Abercrombie & Fitch t-shirts of 2002 which included such depictions as the Wong Brothers laundry service with the tagline “Two Wongs can make it white.”

尽管种族主义刻板印象通过助长种族暴力和政策伤害了在美国的中国人,尤其是在排华法案期间,但它们却让企业从有利可图的商品中获益。这个美国生产的乳胶狗玩具是为一种“非常重要的宠物”设计的,它描绘了一个斜眼的亚洲形象,穿着泛泛的空手道服装,摆着某个姿势。这样的玩具将中国人的人格贬低为固有的亚洲人刻板印象,字里行间将亚洲人贬抑到动物的等级之下。虽然这款玩具的生产日期尚不清楚,但对亚洲人和其他种族歧视的刻板印象却继续在商品中体现,比如2002年臭名昭著的Abercrombie & Fitch的T恤衫,上面描述的是黄氏兄弟(Wong Brothers)的洗衣店,标签行上说,“两个黄可以使它变白”。

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