The Asian Image in the United States:Stereotypes and Realities

26 July 2019
The Asian Image in the United States:Stereotypes and Realities, 1973, Courtesy of Jami Ogata, Museum of Chinese in
America (MOCA) Collection
《美国的亚裔形象:刻板印象和现实》,1973年,Jami Ogata捐赠,美国华人博物馆(MOCA)馆藏

The Asian Image in the United States: Stereotypes and Realities (1973) is a handbook prepared by Asian Americans for Fair Media, a New York organization started in the 1970s. Intending the publication as a “basic primer,” the publishers explain their mission in an opening message addressed directly to the media: “Governmental and education institutions, advertising and public relations agencies, newspapers and informational organizations have often developed and reinforced stereotypes that perpetuate prejudice against Asians. The media, for political, economic, social and comic reasons is responsible for this distortion, which has damaged the image of Asian-Americans. We, as Asian Americans, protest the imposition of negative stereotypes by the media and we call upon them to correct false impressions that are denigrating to us. We ask that media establish a continuous dialogue with us to incorporate the Asian American perspective in material content.”

The handbook analyzes the American education system’s exclusion of Asian American history and stereotypes, offering explanations of their origins and harm, and includes brief timelines of various Asian ethnic groups’ histories in the U.S. and outside resources. On the cover, cartoons of famed detective Charlie Chan and movie villain Fu Manchu splintered by television screens epitomize the denigrating depictions that the organization seeks to combat. While almost fifty years old, the handbook names stereotypes that are still prevalent in modern media and its call to the media remains ever relevant.

《美国的亚裔形象:刻板印象与现实》(1973年)是一本由亚裔美国人为Fair Media编写的手册,Fair Media是纽约的一个20世纪70年代成立的组织。作为一本“基本入门”读物,在一份直接面向媒体的开场白中,出版商解释了他们的使命:“政府和教育机构、广告和公共关系机构、报纸和信息机构往往塑造并强化一直以来的对亚洲人的偏见。出于政治、经济、社会甚至搞笑方面的原因,媒体对这种扭曲负有责任,这种扭曲损害了亚裔美国人的形象。作为亚裔美国人,我们抗议媒体所强加的负面刻板形象,我们呼吁他们纠正诋毁我们的错误印象。我们要求媒体与我们建立持续的对话,将亚裔美国人的观点融入到新闻内容中。”

这本手册分析了美国教育体系对亚裔美国人的历史和刻板印象的排斥,对其起源和危害进行解释,并包括了不同族裔的亚裔美国人群体在美国的历史的简要时间表和一些外部资源。在封面上,两位被电视屏幕分裂的著名侦探陈查利(Charlie Chan)和电影反派傅满洲(Fu Manchu)的卡通漫画,集中体现了该组织寻求斗争的诋毁性描述。尽管这本手册已经有将近50年的历史了,但它列举的刻板印象在现代媒体中仍然普遍存在,而且它对媒体的呼吁也依然具有相关性。

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