Jeanyee Wong

07 August 2019
Left: Calligraphy by Jeanyee Wong; Right: Handwritten and illustrated by Jeanyee Wong, Courtesy of Alex Jay, Museum of Chinese in America (MOCA) Collection
左图:Jeanyee Wong的书法;右图:Jeanyee Wong的手迹与插图,Alex Jay捐赠,美国华人博物馆(MOCA)馆藏

Jeanyee Wong (1920-2017) was a Chinese American artist, illustrator, and calligrapher. Over a career of 70 years, Wong designed, illustrated, and hand-lettered over 40 illustrated books and 2,000 dust jackets. Wong studied in New York under calligrapher George Salter and apprenticed with graphic designer Fritz Kredel, earning her first illustration job at age 20. In 1947, Wong became one of the founders of the Book Jacket Designer Guild. With her unmatchable, steady hand, Wong built up letters with drafting tools or shaped them free-hand so accurately that experienced editors couldn’t tell the difference between her scripts and typographic alphabets. Wong’s work included book jackets for John Updike and Maurice Sendak, lettering on Hermes scarves, and logos for the New York Public Library. This copy of The Flower Lover and the Fairies was illustrated and hand- written in its entirety by Jeanyee Wong.

Jeanyee Wong(1920-2017)是一名美籍华裔艺术家、插画家和书法家。在超过70年的职业生涯中,Wong设计、绘制并手写了40多本插图书和2000多个书皮。Wong在纽约师从书法家乔治·索尔特(George Salter),平面设计师弗里茨·克莱德尔(Fritz Kredel),20岁时获得了第一份插画工作。1947年,Wong成为图书书皮设计师协会(Book Jacket Designer Guild)的创始人之一。凭借她那双无与伦比的、稳定的手,Wong用绘图工具画字母,或者就是徒手画,但是精准到经验丰富的编辑们都无法分辨出她的手迹和印刷字母之间的区别。Wong的作品包括为约翰·厄普代克(John Updike)和莫里斯·森达克(Maurice Sendak)的书做书皮,爱玛仕(Hermes)围巾上的字母,以及纽约公共图书馆(New York Public Library)的徽标。这本《The Flower Lover and the Fairies》全部由Jeanyee Wong插图和手写完成。

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